For reference "Myobi" is one of my writing names. It is also an acronym that a character in one of my stories creates for herself: Mind Your Own Business, Idiot (Myobi) And Don't You Forget It A**hole (Adyfia the last name) "Tehlorri" is the handle I use far more often. Tehlorri is actually the name of a particular family of elves who were killed off in an ancient feud between the elfish noble families. They were particularly known as one of the families that dealt with humans and who worked as intermediaries from time to time. Random ancient myth. I know I'm not the only one who knows it, too, because I've had people rib me in Everquest 2 for having a Barbarian Fury with that name...

All writings are copyright me. Manga translations - of course the art and story and everything belong to the original authors and their publishing company. I'm only going to provide manga from series that, as far as I know, have not yet been published in English. If I happen to have one that is, and if you are a representative of the company or author and wish for me not to have the material here, please e-mail me with an official e-mail address and I will, of course, have the material removed. I want to provide translations for readers, not offend or upset the company or author of the story.


Manga translations


Poetry (page 1) - Musician's Hands, Musician's Silence, Remembering Freedom*

Poetry (page 2) - Mountain Evening*, A Dream in the Evening Rain*, Hidden Presence (random prose)*

In-character poems  Stuff written for various RP things-  Song of Creation's Knowing, Traitor's Revelation, Bleed and Breathe, Theinor's Song (English and Elvish versions)

* Poetry written while in Japan or as a result of leaving to Japan, so the feel of them is a little different than my usual


....Oh Yeah, the world was ending  Wow, the weird mood I was in when I started this one. Looking back, the intro sounds like some sort of cheesy detective story intro monologue, lol. kinda funky, need to figure out how to do that style more. It's a story bit, with no particular plans to make it anything more. This is an example of what happens when I sit down in the mood to write and just sort of drop a story. I think this resulted from too much OniKimono, among other things.

Principalities of Angels  I took this one down because it showed up somewhere that I didn't post it. This annoys me. >.< Much of the discussion was philosophical, for fun, but it was MY writing. No stealies.

Teaching Portfolio (serious-type stuff, my graduate portfolio) - Again, I took this down because while I enjoy sharing my work, I noticed someone Cutting and Pasting onto their site.

Review of Disney's Princess and the Frog Just for shits and grins.


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