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  These are poems written as part of in-character stories or for in-character events.  
Song of Creation's Knowing
(note: Taey is an old fart, so tji uses `salah` not as a word but as a direction to the reader. `Salah` is a request for the reader to pause and consider. This is also an SL poem. It was used for something specific. ^.^)
I sing of Peace
I sing of Joy
I sing of all the happy things kept deep inside
And shining brightly to creation

I sing of pain
I sing of war
I sing of all the darkness and the rage
That burns the world and sears the sky.

I sing of emptiness beyond beginning
I sing of destruction beyond ending
I sing the song of lullabies
I sing the song of death.

Oh, I sing of Life!
The things that make it worth the living
The things that make it worth the feeling
And the things that prove the soul...

Destruction, creation, life and death
Pleasure, pain, fear and joy
A life fully live wears scars like children
But sometimes, yes, they bleed.

If you are alive, it will heal

I sing of peace, I sing of joy,
I sing of pain, I sing of war
I sing of life.
  (This particular poem is really a duet. It is not a happy song, it is about an unhappy time. The formatting of the poem is in reference to the dual parts. The first person has no formatting, the second person has italics, and when they are together, the words are underlined. At one point, there is a word to the side in italics. This word is meant to be said at the same time as the plain formatted word next to it.)

Traitor's Revelation

The night wastes away, and
time slips by
turn and years disappear.
Eyes of friends past
tilt and burn
Anger rising up in
the soul of life.

Here we stand and here we fall.

Open up the gates and
let them all die (cry)
For this season's the one to
hide the light
seen again and never loved
This child of war brings
hope and death

Here we stand and here we fall.

Comes the time in the silver-cast night
When we can't trust any one at all
The painful life that stares you in the face
Looks in the mirror of his own disgrace

Here we stand and here we fall

Our words are forgotten and cast away
A quick aside brings on the pain filled cry.
No love for today, no mercy for tomorrow
The season turns, and everything burns

Here we stand and here we fall

Looking in the eye our own
lost hope
Watch the
fight rise up in our souls
Never once seeing the
lives we once shared
Never should a
friend hold a sword.

Here we stand and here we fall

Losing the strain of the heavenly song
The pounding war-hardened heart leads on
The chorus of the clash of the angry friends
Anger between their hearts leads hell on foot.

Here we stand and here we fall

Poised to give the
war cry and sing the anthem of
The angry pretender's
splitting song
What hurts more than the enemy's sword
Is, in truth, the wound from a past friend.

Oh, here we stand...
And here we fall.

Bleed and Breathe

Survival in the mists of time, and feeling `till the end
We forget important things and remember the wrong
Sometimes we just wander on and never look up
Wondering why it hurts when we slam into reality.
The world is for our taking and our making.

Living ain't nothing more than learning to breathe
Living ain't nothing more than learning to bleed

Give me the last steps of time before it all slips away
Broken dreams, promises lost, and pain forgiven.
Who cares for the living but the living themselves?
Who cares for the dead but the dying.

Tomorrow, we fly and see the sky
Touch the sun and break our wings
Then spend eternity on the mend or die.

Living ain't nothing more than learning to bleed
Living ain't nothing more than learning to breathe.

When do you believe, when do you dream?
The open depth of the sky brings to a close
The lost silence of hope's light.

Fade away, little song, terrors are lost to pain.
Reality is farther still and holds more terror than broken dreams
Carry away. Live for life.
Theinor's song -Elvish Version
This was... half dare, half serious RP moment. Theinor's an elf character of mine, and I got dared to write a song in elfish. Yes. That's right. XD
I'm not sure how the grammar flows, but here's what was written. There is more to it, but it dissolves into more than slightly suggestive and I edited it down to only the slightly suggestive.
Theinor's Song - the English Version
Remember. This is the edited for less racy content version. The lover's nickname is "blood wolf" but that's not as pretty as "red wolf."
Credit by the way, where it is due. This is Tolkien's Elfish as described and outlined at
Grey Company. Language copy write Tolkien, dictionary use and grammar rules per Grey Company. Any mistakes are me, not them.
Amin rane ar’mistayae tuulo’ruid a’anfauglir
Ilyere farne, nan’ilyere amin trialle reena’en’cabed.
Me’a en amin, ainin elenea sangane kaly salkamin.

Iire lle sile n’ala amin, aglarlle tirin ar’urnun i’anar,
Amin lante, ataltien. Lle quante i’mandu’.
Lle atsae amin, pele amin, luhte an’fallane amin.

A’re lle olvanna ar’amin tintila.
Amin fauke ten'lle, milya lle laman
Amin tukaliaya lle aru’brilthor, caradraug en’amin

A’re ar’tul’re, imyan’e lemalle, amin feithuva.
Ar’iire lle entuluva, coramin creosuva lle eska
Amin onoiruva ie’kordalle ar’e’yaanalle maryuva e’lle.

Entula a’amin, utua amin. Lle naa a’maelamin.
Coiamin ar’melamin, ilya en’amin maa a’lle

  I wandered and would roam from glade to desert
Each day was sufficient, but each day I walked the edge of a cliff
My light, the smallest stars gathered to illuminate my dance

When you shone before me,  your brilliance brighter and warmer than the sun
I fell, collapsing. You filled the abyss.
You caught me, encircled me, enchanted and healed me.

Today you vanished and I tremble.
I thirst for you, long for your taste.
I would tangle you by the waterfall, red wolf of mine

Today and tomorrow, throughout your journey, I will wait.
And when you return, my feelings will welcome you home
I will worship at your altar and in your holy place rejoice in you.

Return to me, find me. You are my beloved.
My life and my love, all of me looks to you.

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